Welcome to KitBox

KitBox is designed to facilitate data analyses by creating easy-to-use, feature-rich widgets from various data sources. One of the more significant advantages to KitBox is not having to worry about complex transformations, intricate formats, or hours of data preperation. KitBox is designed to make the most of your data, regardless of how much or how well defined it is.

Getting Started

KitBox requires a valid data source and an initialization. There are many types of data sources you can use, and KitBox is highly configurable, but let's start with a simple data source before we get ahead of ourselves.

				var sine = [], cosine = [];
				for(var x = 0; x < Math.PI * 4; x += 0.25){
				$.kitboxData = {"data": [{"data":sine, "label":"Sine"}, {"data":cosine, "label":"Cosine"}]};

With nothing more than a "data" object housing two distinct data series, we can initialize KitBox and let it do the rest.

					kitboxType: "kitboxSeries",
					dataType: "array",
					dataSource: $.kitboxData,
					header: {text: "Getting Started - Example"},
					options: {
						height: 600

That's it! The graph that this creates can be viewed below

The Results

Data Sources

KitBox accepts the following four types of data sources.