Updating Data - Description

In this example, we show how to update examples. Click here to set the first value of visits to 10. Click here to set visits to [10,20,30,40,50,60,70,80,90,100].

Live Example

JavaScript Array

		$.kitboxData = {"data": [
			         		{"data": [558,507,548,621,614,819,419,604,563,334], "label":"Visits"},
			         		{"data": [148,108,75,129,72,97,66,132,62,54], "label":"Clicks"},
			         		{"data": [253,404,396,337,242,396,250,283,323,397],	"label":"Impressions"},
			         		{"data": [213,276,220,244,253,300,298,248,218,275],"label":"Tags"}
						"xaxis": ["January 1st, 2011","January 2nd, 2011","January 3rd, 2011","January 4th, 2011",
									"January 5th, 2011","January 6th, 2011","January 7th, 2011","January 8th, 2011",
									"January 9th, 2011","January 10th, 2011"]};

Initialization Code

				kitboxType: "kitboxSeries",
				dataType: "array",
				dataSource: $.kitboxData,
				header: {text: "Local JavaScript Array"}